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Department Organization


The Brandon Police Service Traffic Unit is responsible for “Hit and Run” investigations, coordinating all over dimensional moves, and events on City roadways which require a permit, motor vehicle collisions and enforcement of all highway traffic act and related statutes.

The Unit contains officers who have received extensive training in collision reconstruction in the event of a serious or fatal vehicle collision. Trained officers will use equipment to ‘map’ the area in order to reconstruct the scene into a computer program that allows a 2D, 3D or an animated view of the collision. Reconstruction Analysts will inspect and collect all road evidence, and vehicles or property involved in order to determine the events leading up to and involving the collision including speeds, environmental concerns and other contributing factors.

The Traffic Unit is home to two DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) Evaluating officers. These officers are trained in a Canadian/American standardized program which allows officers to determine if individuals are impaired from driving a motor vehicle by drug or a drug and alcohol combination. As there is no ‘per se’ law in Canada (such as 80mg% alcohol) as to a legal limit of a particular or combination of drugs in a driver’s blood, a DRE is able to use a series of non-invasive medical and physical tests to determine sobriety and each individual’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Read more about the DRE program here:

Read more about Impaired driving here:

The Traffic unit works closely with the Motor Carrier Enforcement (MCE) and Manitoba Public Insurance Vehicle Standards (MPI Vehicle Standards) teams. Many joint projects occur through the year to enhance vehicle safety through enforcement and education.


For more information on MPI Vehicle Standards:


For more information on Brandon Truck Routes and Motor Carrier Enforcement including MIT Permits:


Oversized Loads may require police escorts. Operators of oversized vehicles or loads must obtain an over-dimensional permit and possibly arrange for an escort before moving within city limits.


Maximum Legal Height

4.15 m (13 ft. 6 in.) from the road surface, providing there is sufficient clearance under bridges or structures for the vehicle and the load to clear safely.


Maximum Legal Width

2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) measured at the widest point of the vehicle or load.


Maximum Length

12.5 m (41 ft) for any single unit (including load)

20 m (65 ft) for truck/trailer and semi-trailer (including load)

23 m (75 ft) for tractor/double trailers


See for more details on weights and dimensions.

For more information, please contact the Brandon Police Service Traffic Sergeant at 204 - 729 - 2322.

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Department Organization