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How to Claim a Seized Vehicle

If your vehicle has been seized for a set period of time, you must wait until that time period has passed. Once it has, you will require several documents in order to get your vehicle back:

  • You must be the registered owner of the vehicle, and must present photo identification to the clerical front desk attendant confirming your identity.
  • You must bring in a copy of the paperwork you received when your vehicle was seized.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license or a licensed driver with you in order to retrieve your vehicle.
  • If you are not the registered owner of a vehicle and you are picking it up on behalf of the registered owner, you must present a letter written by the owner giving you consent to pick up their vehicle. Also you must include a copy of the registered owner’s driver’s license along with the letter to verify their identity/signature.

If your vehicle has been towed by BPS (not privately) but not seized, you still must come to the police service and provide identification that you are the registered owner so that the vehicle may be released to you.

Impounded vehicles are kept at Full Tilt Towing – 1503 Moreland Ave, Brandon. (204) 725-6055.

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