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Accidents - What to do

If someone involved in the collision is injured, there is smoke or fire coming from a vehicle or there is imminent danger, please call 9-1-1 immediately. For less serious collisions where vehicles are NOT drivable, call the Brandon Police Service 204.729.2345 and wait on scene for an officer to attend.

In the unfortunate event you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, a police report may be required (if police do not attend the scene you must contact the Police Service to make your report).

Under the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act ( ) a Police Report is required ONLY if the collision involves:

  1. Injury, where someone was admitted to hospital for observation or treatment for the injury;
  2. a fatality;
  3. an unlicensed driver;
  4. an unregistered vehicle; an unidentified vehicle (ie: hit and run);
  5. failure to obtain particulars from the other party (fail to exchange particulars);
  6. the consumption of alcohol or another intoxicating substance by the other driver involved in the accident is suspect and was a cause or contributing factor of the accident.

If your collision meets one or more of the above criteria, a report must be made to a Police Service within the jurisdiction it occurred. Any collisions requiring reports within the City of Brandon will be made at the Brandon Police Service (1020 Victoria Avenue).

When making your report, please bring in the following:

  • License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Contact and vehicle information of parties involved
  • Contact information of any witnesses

*NOTE - There is NO requirement for police involvement if ALL involved vehicles are drivable and information has been properly exchanged. Minor ‘fender benders’, no matter monetary value, no longer requires a police report (pending they meet the above required information). *


What Happens When Police Attend My Accident?

If one or more vehicles are not drivable due to a collision, the un-drivable vehicles will be towed by Full Tilt Towing to a secured compound. Police will provide you with the details of the collision and the other parties information. Once you have all the information, you can contact MPI to make your claim MPI will contact Accel Towing to tow your vehicle in for its appraisal afterward. If you have personal belongings in the towed vehicle, please contact Accel towing to make arrangements to get them. Please note ALL child restraining devices MUST be left with the vehicle (keep your receipt from the purchase of a new seat for MPI).

Police will collect all evidence and examine the circumstances to determine if any enforcement action should be taken as a result of the collision. A ticket may be issued to an offending driver-however it should be noted that police do not determine fault at collisions, that is solely the responsibility of Manitoba Public Insurance.

Police will remain on scene until the collision site has been cleaned up and safe for the motoring public. Police can assist in finding you transportation from the collision scene.


Hit and Run Investigations

As per the Highway Traffic Act, all Hit & Run Incidents, regardless of damage amount or any known suspects, must be reported to police in order to proceed with an MPI claim. When making your police report, be sure to include ALL known information including possible suspects. If there is any debris in the location of your Hit and Run incident, call police to attend or take several photographs of the whole area and collect the debris to submit to the investigating officer when making your report.


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