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During the past few weeks, theft from residential garages and sheds has become a common crime. Once a thief gains entry into a garage or shed, they will steal almost anything of value such as bicycles, tools and garden equipment. Here are some simple tips that may deter thieves from walking off with your property:

·        Keep the garage/shed door locked at all times. There is no need to advertise your absence or what items you have stored.

·        The entrance door between an attached garage and the home should be a solid-core wooden or metal door with a deadbolt lock.

·        Wooden overhead garage doors with thin panels should be reinforced on the inside with at least ½” plywood.

·       Most garage and shed doors have less than satisfactory locking devices and should be upgraded to prevent thieves from easily forcing the door to gain entry.

·        A positive point for automatic garage door openers is that the arms and linkage on the door act as a barrier to forced entry.

·        Treat your garage door opener like a key. Do not leave it in an unlocked vehicle.


For more information or a presentation on “Home Security”, contact Community Policing at 729-2390.

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