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Business Crime

The appearance and layout of a business can either attract or deter a variety of crimes. Some areas to be aware of are outlined below:

Maintenance of Property

  • Appearance of a business can attract criminals, especially if the area has a “rundown” look. Ensure that the building, landscape, sidewalks, and parking areas are clean and well maintained.
  • Do not have any landscaping or objects on site that may serve as an obstruction or a hiding spot for possible intruders.

Business Layout

  • Have the checkout counter near the front of the business so that activities can be monitored both inside and out.
  • Clearly mark public and private areas within the business. Secure private areas as to deny access to non-employees.
  • Keep trees near the building well trimmed and ensure a secure fire escape.
  • Loading areas should be kept tidy and free from large objects that may hide people.
  • Make sure the alarm system is operational and well maintained. A surveillance system is recommended as well to keep a constant visual of all entrances.

Robbery Prevention

  • Robbery occurs less often than other business crimes, however the potential for loss, injury or even death is much greater from a single incident. Many robberies occur because the businesses make it convenient for the robber. Poor housekeeping and a general lack of planning can make you an easy target for robbery.
  • Employees should be trained to protect themselves and the business by reporting any suspicious person or activity immediately.
  • Greet or acknowledge every person who enters the store as the presence of alert and efficient staff will discourage a thief.
  • Maximize visibility around transaction areas by keeping windows clear and well lit.
  • Make deposits to the bank during the day and at different times. Carry deposits inconspicuously inside your clothing.
  • Do not work alone. Leave a radio or television playing to give the impression that someone else is present.
  • Put height markers on door trim to aid in descriptions.
  • If you are robbed remember.. DO NOT RESIST ..and OBEY the robbers instructions. Observe the suspect for later description. Call police as soon as possible.

Plan Ahead

  • Instruct all employees on the proper use of the alarm system.
  • Assign employees different tasks in case of a robbery: one to call the police, one to make observations about the robber, one to protect evidence at the scene, and one to detain all witnesses.

When a Robbery Occurs

  • Remain calm, robbers are usually very excited and may be under the influence of drugs.
  • Obey instructions; do not jeopardize the safety of yourself or others.
  • If possible, activate the silent alarm.
  • Take a good look at the suspect and note any details that may be useful to police.

Immediately After the Robbery

  • Call police as soon as the robbers leave the premises.
  • Protect the scene so evidence does not get disturbed, do not touch anything that may have been handled by the robber.
  • Lock all the doors and do not let anyone in until the police arrive.
  • Do not trust memory, write down all information immediately.

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