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Salary and Benefits (new officer)

Mandatory Benefits

As a condition of employment, employees are required to participate in all benefit plans offered by the City of Brandon or negotiated through the collective bargaining process. Presently these benefits include:

  • Dental,
  • Employee assistance program,
  • Pension,
  • Life Insurance,
  • Disability Income Protection Plan

These are co-funded by the City and its employees. Other benefits include paid overtime, sick leave, maternity leave, and vacation entitlement which are tied to the collective agreement and length of service.

Optional Benefits

These plans are completely employee funded. All optional plans are administered by Manitoba Blue Cross except for the Voluntary Accident Insurance which is administered by Municipal Employees Benefit Program (MEBP).

  • Voluntary Accident Insurance up to $250,000 coverage available;
  • Ambulance/Hospital Semi-Private Plan;
  • Extended Health includes prescription drug and physiotherapy;
  • Travel Health Plan

SALARIES (2020 Rates)

Rank Annual
**Recruit Class $50,179.84
*Probationary $60,215.81
4th Class Constable $70,251.78
3rd Class Constable $80,287.75
2nd Class Constable $90,323.72
1st Class Constable


12 Year Constable $106,381.27
* Probationary indexing applied at start of FTO Program.
** Recruit Class indexing applied upon hire for all required recruit training.

Note: Constables are required to serve a one (1) year probationary period. Progression from one classification to the next is on a 12-month basis, subject to satisfactory performance in the lower classification.

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