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Competition Information (new officer)

Brandon Police Service and Human Resources have developed this competition information and application package for Experienced Police officers wanting to work for the City of Brandon. Information and documents required from an applicant to be considered in the competition are outlined in this handbook and in the application package.

Note: The City of Brandon reserves the right to amend the process should it be deemed necessary.

Step 1 – The Application Process

The application process for the experienced officer competition requires the submission of multiple forms. All the necessary forms are attached. Applications must be complete before the applicant will be considered for advancement in the competition. The minimum qualifications for applicants are:

  • must be 18 years of age or older
  • must be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • must be fluent in the English language
  • completed Grade 12, GED, or Mature Student
  • possess or obtain by the start date a valid Class 4 Province of Manitoba drivers license or equivalent driving record acceptable to Brandon Police Service standards
  • meet vision, hearing, and training standards

Applications and accompanying documentation will be reviewed to ensure it meets the qualifications.

Application Form

Along with submitting their application package, each applicant is required to complete the on-line application form.


The education level required to compete is a minimum Grade 12 standing, G.E.D., or Mature Student standing. Proof of graduation is required in the form of a certificate or diploma. A transcript in place of a diploma is only acceptable if it contains a statement signed by the principal attesting to graduation requirements having been met. If that statement does not appear, it will not be accepted as proof of Grade 12 standing.

Applicants who have successfully completed other post secondary education should attach documentation with respect to graduation.

Driving Record

Applicants are required to have a valid Class 4 driver’s license. As good driving habits and ability are important traits in police officers, applicants will be subject to scrutiny of their driving record. You must include with your application, a photocopy of your driver’s license and an original driver's abstract dated January 1, 2008 or later. The fee for obtaining the driver’s abstract is borne by the applicant.

Applicants with more than four (4) demerits as assessed by the Brandon Police Service will not be accepted into the competition.

If at any time during the competition process, there are changes in your driving record they must be reported to the Competition Administrator. Applicants with more than 4 demerits may be disqualified at this point.

P.O.P.A.T. Medical Requirements

You are required to have your doctor complete a one-page questionnaire attesting to your physical suitability to participate in the Police Officers' Physical Abilities Test (P.O.P.A.T.). The questionnaire is found in the application package. All costs associated with this general examination are borne by the applicant.

The application package also contains a liability release that must be signed by the applicant and returned with their application. Appendix 2 detailed information about the POPAT test.

Vision Requirements

The Brandon Police Service has a vision standard which applicants must meet at the time of applying to the force. These tests must be completed by an optometrist. The standards are:

Visual Acuity:

  • Corrected vision (with glasses or contacts): Visual acuity must be at least 6/6 (20/20) in one eye and 6/9 (20/30) in the other.
  • Uncorrected vision (without glasses or contact lenses): Visual acuity must be at least 6/18 (20/60) in each eye OR 6/12 (20/40) in one eye and at least 6/30 (20/100) in the other eye.
  • This minimum vision acuity is required for safe performance of policing duties if glasses or contacts are lost or displaced.

Field of Vision:

Must be at least 150 degrees continuous along the horizontal meridian and 20 degrees continuous above and below fixation with both eyes opened and examined together.

Depth Perception:

Normal stereo vision (use of both eyes to judge distances) must be present. Stereo acuity must be a minimum of 70 seconds of arc or better on Titmus test.

Using any standardized Pseudo-Isochromatice plates (Ishihara, A-O, HRR, Dvorine). If you correctly identify all patterns presented in such tests, your colour-vision will be considered normal. If needed, further evaluation will be conducted with devices such as Farnsworth D-15 discs. If you demonstrate a colour-vision deficiency on the Farnsworth discs, you will not meet the vision standards requirements of the Brandon Police Service.

Laser Surgery:

Applicants who have had corrective laser eye surgery will be required to provide proof of meeting the vision requirements for the first year after the surgery as a condition of employment.

Please provide the vision forms contained in the application package to your optometrist for completion. Your optometrist’s signature, address and phone number must appear on the form when you return it with your application. All costs associated with the vision test are borne by the applicant. Forms must be dated July 1, 2007 or later.

Hearing Requirements

The Brandon Police Service has a hearing standard which applicants must meet at the time of applying to the force. These tests must be completed by an audiologist. The standards are:

>Frequency >500 Hz >1000 Hz >2000 Hz >3000 Hz
>dB Loss >25 dB >25 dB >25 dB >35 dB

Pure tone hearing loss in the worst ear must be no greater than the following


No greater than 30 dB at any one of the first three frequencies, and average of four frequencies no greater than 30 dB.

Please provide your hearing form contained in the application package to your audiologist for completion. Your audiologist’s signature, address and phone number must appear on the form when you return it with your application. All costs associated with the hearing test are borne by the applicant. Forms must be dated July 1, 2007 or later.


Applicants must provide a variety of references for background purposes. References must be competent to judge your character, temperament, and work habits. They must have definite knowledge of your qualification and fitness for the position of Police Officer.

Applicants must also answer a variety of bona fide questions in order for the background investigators and the polygraph tester to assess your suitability for this position.

Step 2 – The Skills Assessment Examination

Applicants accepted into the competition will be contacted to attend the skills assessment examination, the FrontLine Video Testing System for Law Enforcement, in Brandon on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011. FrontLine is a video-based, multiplechoice test that portrays situations commonly faced in law enforcement. Candidates are required to analyze situations and make quick judgments about how to respond. This test consists of three (3) components:

  1. Human Relations Video Testing (Length of test: 1 hour 23 minutes)
    • Judgment
    • Human Interaction
    • Responding Calmly to Provocation
    • Unbiased Enforcement
    • Ethics and Social Maturity
    • Handling Authority
    • Gaining Cooperation
    • Observation and Analysis
  2. FrontLine Reading Test (Length of test: 12 minutes)
    • Officer Standard Reading Level
  3. FrontLine Incident Observation and Report Writing Video Test (Length of test approx. 40 minutes)
    • Observation Skills
    • Accurate Report Writing
    • Basic Writing Competency

Applicants attending the skills assessment examination are required to provide photo identification and sign in prior to writing the exam. Pencils will be provided. Dress comfortably; you are not graded on your appearance. The examination will last for approximately three hours.

The Human Relations and Reading tests will be graded immediately upon completion. Candidates must achieve a minimum of 69.5% in each of these tests to proceed to Step 3 of the competition, the POPAT.Unsuccessful candidates will not proceed in the competition.

For more information regarding the Ergrometrics FrontLine test for law enforcement applicants, visit their website at There is a practice test available at this site; candidates are responsible for the cost of the practice test.

Step 3 – Police Officer’s Physical Abilities Test

All candidates are required to complete a physical abilities test to proceed in the competition.

The selected test is the Police Officer’s Physical Abilities Test (POPAT). The POPAT was developed by the British Columbia Department of Justice and is widely recognized as a bona fide physical abilities test of police applicants. It consists of an obstacle course that the applicant must complete within 4 minutes 15 seconds. The POPAT is a pass/fail step. Candidates are not ranked according to time taken to complete the POPAT.

Prior to the POPAT, all candidates will be allowed to view and try out the equipment for the test. The POPAT Tester will walk the candidates through the course so they fully understand how the course is run. Candidates may ask questions at this time.

Immediately before starting the test, the POPAT Tester will check each candidate’s resting heart rate and blood pressure to ensure the candidates heart rate is not 100 beats per minute or higher and their blood pressure does not exceed 150/100 mg Hg.

There are no allowances made for age or gender difference between candidates. The standards set for each component are determined to be the minimum required standards for satisfactory performance in the position. The POPAT protocol can be found in Appendix 2.

The results will be immediately available to you on completion of the test.

Stopping the Test

You can withdraw at any time should you feel you cannot complete the test. You may also be stopped at some point during the test if the instructor feels you should not complete the test.


  • Arrange your schedule so that you have enough time to rest properly before you take the test.
  • Pack appropriate clothing - we suggest shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt, and running shoes with good grip.
  • Keep moving after the test to bring your heart rate down to a resting rate

Step 4 - Interview

Candidates will be interviewed by a selection panel consisting of two police officers and a Human Resources representative. The interview will examine a number of job dimensions related to this position.

Successful candidates will be ranked and will move forward to the psychological testing. Unsuccessful candidates will not proceed in the competition.

Step 5 – Psychological Testing

All advancing candidates will complete the psychological testing. The tests quantify a candidate’s perception of the roles of self and other specifics. The results objectively and quantitatively measure subliminally processed information which established the subject’s basic perceptions of roles and psychological stability. Candidates are not eliminated at this stage of the competition unless they do not complete the test.

Step 6 – Background Investigation

You are no doubt aware that a police officer must be of good character with no criminal record and no evidence of association with known criminals. At this step in the competition process, a background investigation is administered by a background investigator from the Brandon Police Service or an agency appointed by the City of Brandon.

The complete application package and documentation is provided to the background investigator prior to the interview. The interview will be approximately 2 hours in length.

Candidates successful through the background investigations will be ranked and conditional offers of employment will be made to the top candidate(s) and scheduled for a medical examination. Candidates who do not pass the background investigation will not proceed in the competition.

Step 7 – Medical Examination

At this stage, you will undergo a complete and detailed medical examination conducted by the City’s physician. A candidate will be dismissed at this step of the competition if the physician determines that the candidate has a physical condition which would prohibit them from performing the duties of Police Officer. The physician may be able to give you verbal results immediately.

All costs associated with this medical are borne by the City.

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