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May 03rd Media Release

For the last 24 hours:

Arrest Warrants Executed:

Late Saturday afternoon, a 35 year old male from Minnedosa was arrested on the strength of two outstanding warrants for arrest held by the Altona Police Service for two counts of failing to comply with a release order, and one count of theft under $5000.  He was located in the area of the Corral Centre and brought into custody without incident.  He was held overnight and will have a court hearing this morning.


Breach of Release Order, and Drug Charge:

Just before 7:00 PM Saturday evening, a call from the 1400 block Van Horne Avenue resulted in the arrest of a 39 year old male for breaching a condition of a release order he is currently bound by, for being in possession of a small quantity of methamphetamine.  He was also charged under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act for the meth.  He was released from custody to appear in court on July 20th for the criminal code charge, and August 16th for the CDSA charge.


Breach of Release Order:

A 29 year-old male attended to the Safe & Warm Shelter just before 8:00 PM and it was determined that he is currently bound by a release order issued by an Alberta court.  The order included conditions that he remain in Alberta, observe a 24 hour curfew, and not to possess any incendiary devices; he was in possession of lighters.  He was held overnight and will have a court hearing this morning.


CEW Deployment:

Shortly after 11:00 PM Saturday night, members were called to a complex in the 1000 block 26th Street for a report of an out-of-control male.  Upon attending, the 61 year-old suspect armed himself with a knife and confronted the officers.  A conducted electrical weapon was deployed and the suspect was taken into custody without further incident.  The suspect was then conveyed to BRHC for assessment, and was subsequently admitted to a health care facility for treatment of an underlying health issue.  Subsequently, no charges resulted from this incident.  The admission to the health care facility was not related to the CEW deployment.



An intoxicated 32 year-old male from Winnipeg was lodged Saturday afternoon to prevent a further breach of the peace after he was reported to being throwing rocks and bottles into yards and at vehicles in the area of the 700 – 900 blocks Park Avenue.  He was released once he had sobered up.

 A 46 year-old female was brought into custody at around 3:00 AM this morning, after her third interaction with police in approximately 6 hours.  She had repeatedly attended to a residence in the 1000 block Dennis Street, attempting to gain entry.  At the third interaction, she was found to be grossly intoxicated by drug so was held in custody for her safety and to prevent any further problems.



A/Staff Sergeant Dallas Lockhart, #101

B Platoon


 Anyone with information on any unsolved crime is asked to call Brandon Crime Stoppers at 204-727-(TIPS) 8477, BCSTIP CRIMES



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