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City of Brandon Pound Webpage and Facebook Page

We are very proud to finally present to you our brand new City of Brandon Pound webpage and Facebook page dedicated to domestic animals in Brandon!

You can find the Pound webpage link through our Brandon Police Service webpage, under the Animal Control tab. There you can also find more information on animal by-laws, licensing requirements, fees, and other useful pet information.

As soon as an animal arrives at the pound, a photo will be taken. That photo will then be uploaded to the new Pound Webpage, and Facebook page. Descriptors of the animal, and the location it was found will be added as well. Our goal has always been to reunite pets with their owners, and to have strays adopted; having an online presence should expedite that process.

Thank you to the City of Brandon Information Technology Team, without whom these Webpages would not have been possible. We received valuable input into the process from the employees of Brandon Boarding Kennel, who are contracted by the City of Brandon to operate the Pound.

We invite you to follow our pages, which can be found here:


Sergeant Kirby Sararas #119

Public Information Officer

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