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Department Organization

Crime Section


  • CIU
  • CSU
  • FIU - Livescan Info
  • Computer Forensics Analyst


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The Crime Section is organized along functional lines with emphasis on investigative specialization by crime category.

Criminal Investigations Unit

Members of CIU are responsible for follow-up investigation on major cases such as murder, sexual assault, conspiracies, thefts over $5000, robbery with violence, serious assaults, Internet Child Pornography and other serious or complex crimes.

Crime Support Unit

This Unit consists of two specialized functions:

  1. Criminal Intelligence Members are responsible for the collection, collation and dissemination of intelligence information on criminal activity. Dissemination of this intelligence is for the Brandon Police Service Members as well as outside agencies such as Criminal Intelligence Services Manitoba.
  2. Crime Support Investigators are responsible for investigation of such Vice crimes as drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc.

Forensic Identification Unit

The Forensic Identification Unit is responsible for the gathering, preservation, examination and court preservation of evidence. They are specialists in areas such as Dactyloscopy (fingerprint examination), using digital imaging equipment, photograph theory and techniques, and crime/traffic scene measurement and reconstruction.

Forensic Identification Unit

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Department Organization