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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did I get a parking ticket?

A. Parking tickets are issued for a variety of reasons, expired meters, too far from a curb, too close to an intersection, sidewalk, fire hydrant, etc. Tickets are issued either by random by-law patrol or in response to a complaint. Once an officer has begun writing a ticket, it can not be cancelled.


Q. I received a By-Law violation notice, what does this mean?

A. A violation notice is a written notice of an infraction involving you or your property. There is a time frame indicated on your notice to have the infraction resolved. If you have further concerns, please contact a By-Law Officer for clarification.


Q. May I stop my Vehicle in a bus stop?

A. NO! You can not stop in any place designated for buses, school buses, fire lanes or No Stopping areas. This includes even quickly dropping off or picking up passengers/parcels.


Q. Can I park my unregistered Vehicle in my back yard?

A. All vehicles parking on private property must have a minimum of ‘lay up’ insurance (theft & fire) or you can obtain a derelict vehicle permit from city hall. Unregistered vehicles are considered derelict, and not permitted under the by-law.


Q. How do I make a by-Law complaint?

A. Please phone the Brandon Police Service 204-729-2345 with your information and concerns.


Q. How long can my vehicle be parked on the street?

A. 48 Hours is the maximum time a vehicle can be parked on a street without traveling through the nearest intersection. Vehicles parked over 48 hours are subject to ticketing.


Q. Where can I put my garage sale signs?

A. Signage may by placed on public boulevards or private property with authorization as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • Signage put in place immediately before and immediately after the sale
  • Sign is not larger than 30cm wide
  • Sign is securely fastened
  • Sign is NOT attached to any street signs, light standards, or traffic control device


Q. Can I plug my car in on the street?

A. Yes, however the cord must NOT interfere with the sidewalk and be elevated a MINIMUM of 2.2m (7.2 feet) above the sidewalk.


Q. What are School Parking Zones?

A. These zones are monitored during the school year to ensure the safety of students, and the general public. Drivers are encouraged to be familiar with parking offences that may occur in a school zone and how to park safely.

Some of these offences are:

  • Bus Loading Zones: Only buses can stop or park in this zone
  • No Stopping Zones: No vehicle is allowed to stop in these zones.
  • No Parking Zone: You are allowed to stand the vehicle temporarily only while actually engaged in loading or unloading. These are not waiting areas.
  • Obstructing Traffic: Too often parents stop in the middle of the street to drop off the child; this is an obstruction and is UNSAFE.


Q. Do I need to tarp my load?

A. Ensure that all loads regardless of the contents are either tarped or secured as to avoid debris from falling from the vehicle.


Q. Is skateboarding permited within the City?

A. Skateboarding is not permitted on City streets, public places, or other posted areas or properties that prohibit skateboarding. Those found in violation can be charged and/or have their skateboard seized by police.


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