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Animal Licensing FAQ

Purchasing a Pet License

How much does a new pet license cost?

$20.00 if the animal is spayed/neutered, $56.00 if it is not.

Where can I buy a license?

City Hall

How do I notify Animal Control if my dog or cat is deceased?

Call City Hall

Is my City of Brandon pet license good in another municipality?


How long is a pet license valid for?

One calendar year


Renewing a Pet License

Will you send me an invoice when it's time to renew my pet license?


I lost my renewal notice, what do I do?

Go to City Hall for a new one

Can I renew my old pet's license and put the license tag on my new pet?


Can I align the renewal date for all of my pet licenses?



Unlicensed Pets

What is the fine for failing to license my dog or cat?

$100 if the pet is 6 months or older

How do I report a suspected unlicensed dog or cat?

Call Animal Control


Pet License Tags

Where can I get a replacement license tag?

City Hall

Where does the money I pay you for my pet license go?

All licensing monies received goes into funding for Animal Control


Dog Licensing

Why should I buy a license? Are there benefits to licensing my dog?

Licensing allows for identification that will ensure a quick return to the owner if your pet is picked up by Animal Control

I have a service dog, do I need a license?


My dog never gets out of the yard, why should I buy a license?

It's not guaranteed your animal will never get out. Purchasing a license also provides a quicker return home for the pet should it escape.

Does my dog need to wear its license tag?


The license tag is too big for my little dog. Do you have a smaller size tag?



Cat Licensing

Why was a cat licensing program developed?

To easily identify cats and help return them to their owners

My cat is an indoor cat. Why do I have to get it licensed if it never goes outside?

If it does get loose, we will be able to identify it and return it to the owner

My cat has a microchip, do I still need a license?



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